Fez – What to see

The city of Fez is still considered as the spiritual and cultural heart of the country. In this impressive city, you will get to know the culture, see local gardens and squares, but also the famous palace of Fez el Jedid, which is currently home to Moroccan royal family.

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Medina is an ancient part of the city, which was founded in Fez during the first centuries of Islamization of Morocco. It is full of historical monuments of cultural, spiritual, but also civil character. Medina, the old town is ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is also said to be one of the largest pedestrian zones in the world. Here, you will also find tanneries. Fez is famous for its leather, and leather production methods. It is even possible to go to the viewpoint, from where the tanneries are clearly visible. Outside the Medina lies the newest part of Fez, it is another world, comprised of modern shops and busy traffic.  Driving cars and motorcycles is forbidden in Medina, so local people use animals for transportation, mostly donkeys. You should also be aware of fraudsters who rob tourists. Most of them pretend to be “tour guides”, tell stories, ask questions, and in the end ask for bakshish.

Fez – Transportation

Although there is public transport in the city, it is very impractical for the tourists themselves. Bus stops are not well labelled and the buses are too crowded. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cheap taxi services or explore the city on foot.

For taxi services, make sure that your driver uses his meter, or that you agree on a fare before starting your journey. A taxi ride should not cost you more than 30 AED (about 6 – 7 €), to the airport, it is about 100 – 150 AED (22 – 33 €). 

Because Morocco is not an expensive country, accommodation in Fez is relatively cheap. You can find anything from cheap guesthouses to luxury hotels. If you plan to stay in the city for a few days, we recommend hotels in a typical Moroccan style.

Fez – Culture

If you decide to visit this city, we recommend seeing the gardens of Jardin Jnan Sbil, the most famous gate of Bab Budalud (Boujeloud, Blue Gate), which was built in the 12th century and is a gateway to the Fes EL Bali district. If you are interested in pottery, jewellery or coins from the times of the ruling dynasties, a visitation to the Al Bath Museum will be worth it. Dar Mnehbi House is considered one of the most beautiful traditional houses in Morocco. It has been rebuilt into a restuarant and a marketplace. Also do not forget to visit the mausoleum, where you can explore the remains of Muslim saints.

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