Morocco Trip

What to see

Anyone who wants to experience the Orient and a non-traditional culture should visit Morocco. It offers in Medina in every city, the bazaar of the fortress after the colonizers, but also the largest desert Sahara. It lies on the coast of North Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean is in the west of the country and the Mediterranean Sea in the north. This country isn’t far from Europe, so it attracts many tourists every year due to its diversity, culture but also for good tourist infrastructure.

In Morocco, you can observe many historic Islamic and Roman ancient cities, beach resorts as well as various tourist destinations. Cities in Morocco that are definitely worth seeing, such as Agadir, known for its beautiful resort, Fes where you can find historic buildings and monuments, Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco, the Atlas Mountains, where you can go hiking or visit the so-called “Red City” – Marrakech, which is the gateway to the Orient for most visitors to Morocco, as the most of airlines from Europe fly here.

Marrakech – the red pearl of Morocco

The city of Casablanca is not a very popular place. People don’t usually stay there for the night and the hosts didn’t recommend it to us either. Here, you will find the Hassan II Mosque, where you will be accepted without being a Muslim, if you are a movie lover you can visit the Rick’s Café (from the film Casablanca / 1942 /).

This country is a non-conflicting and a safe place, but you should respect other cultures and customs.


As for transportation, we recommend trains that are not only the most reliable but also fast and comfortable. The railway network in Morocco is operated by the state-owned ONCF. As a second alternative, bus transport is offered. The main bus carriers are CTM and Supratours. Car rental or taxi services are also available in Morocco.

The condition for driving in the country is age over 25 years. We recommend renting a car through a delegate. As for taxi services, we recommend agreeing on the price of the ride in advance, as many drivers usually do not even turn on the taximeter. There is also the possibility of an amazing trip to the desert on camels or jeeps to the Sahara.

Food and drinks

Morocco as a country of the Orient offers many unique and interesting dishes. The main one is tajin – tajine, in which there is a lot of stewed vegetables along with the chicken. This dish is prepared in a clay pot and can have many flavours and variations, so it may not always taste the same.

You can also have, for example, couscous, brochette, harira (soup) or tasty mint tea or Moroccan cola. Moroccan cola is a red wine in a glass bottle of coca-cola, which can be found in some local establishments and is often drunk by local people despite their religion.

You can’t have the original Coca-Cola and Moroccan cola on the table at the same time, because someone could report them of drinking alcohol and sell it without a license.

For Moroccans, it is forbidden to drink alcohol because of their religious beliefs. However, for tourists and visitors, it is available in special shops, large supermarkets or, in the hotels and bars if they have a permission to sell, you will find beer or wine.

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