Belize is one of the famous tourist destinations in Central America. The country is very popular among backpackers, diving enthusiasts, but also as a destination for a honeymoon. If you want to visit this country, don’t forget to explore the Mayan ruins, relax on the pleasant beaches and stroll through the jungles. Belize really has something for everyone.

What to see

Belize City is a historic city, which makes it an interesting place to spend a few days. Although it is not at the top of the list of tourist destinations, visitors often cherish the charm of the city and cultural liveliness. Haulover Creek is a river that flows through the centre of Belize City and so divides it into two parts. On the one hand, there are nice colonial houses, seaside parks, bustling shopping areas and sailboats. On the other side, smelly canals and eccentric slums.

The town of Orange Walk will pleasantly tune you into what awaits you. From there, you can take boats to Lamanai, which will fascinate you with the ruins of Mayan culture. You can go on a trip around the New River, where, with a little luck you will also come across crocodiles. If you want to relax on the beach and swim in the sea, Placencia is that perfect place. Punta Gorda is a port and fishing town on the Caribbean coast and borders with Guatemala. The main part of the population are townspeople, descendants of the Mayas and Creoles. Punta Gorda is the starting point for visiting Mayan ruins or taking tours of the rainforest.


You can visit many places in Belize on your own. For other areas, it is worth taking a taxi. Before getting a taxi, agree on a price, because most of the taxi drivers do not have fixed prices. A cheaper alternative is buses that run across the country from $ 1-10. 

Autobus – najautentickejší spôsob dopravy na Belizé

If you want to move around Belize flexibly, renting a car is even a better idea. Prices per day range from around $ 65. An interesting way to get somewhere in Belize is to hitchhike. Buses may be delayed or full. Most people don’t have cars here because they are too expensive.

Food and drinks

Belizean cuisine is influenced by traditional Mayan cuisine, but also by the cuisine of bordering countries such as Guatemala or Mexico. The basic foods are corn and manioc. You don’t have to worry about the food in Belize, because Belizean cuisine is one of the best in the world.

National dishes include rice and beans, which are cooked with coconut milk and served with meat sauce. This dish is so tasty and popular that you can find it in all restaurants in Belize. Other typical dishes include Ceviche, which is seafood served with tomatoes, cucumber, fresh coriander, salt and black pepper. Since coconut milk is an essential part of Belizean cuisine, it is added to soups, bread, but also many other dishes. Fish serre is an excellent fish stew, based on coconut milk as well. Warm soup is served with manioc bread.

Cashew wine is a wine made from cashew nuts and it is a traditional homemade liqueur. The sweet-tasting wine tastes best when served chilled. Ginger beer is also very popular among tourists. Beer made from fermented ginger is the perfect drink that you can enjoy on the beach and on hot days. In Belize, you will find restaurants and fast-food, which are relatively cheap.

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