Bangkok – the gateway to Southeast Asia

The capital and most populous city of Thailand, is a popular tourist destination that allows for a pleasant holiday and leisure. Bangkok is the gateway to Southeast Asia for most travelers and will instantly captivate you with its atmosphere. This multicultural city combines the tradition of Thai culture and modernity with a lively nightlife, shopping opportunities and gastronomy. Bangkok is full of people not only, but also interesting places, historic buildings and attractions. You will love this city…

Bangkok – What to see

Since the local temples and shrines are among the most enchanting, you should go and see the city. The Grand Palace is a large complex and home to the current royal family. It is characterized by amazing architecture and extraordinary pomp. This temple, along with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), is the holiest site in all of Thailand. In Wat Pho you will find the famous Reclining Buddha. Wat Arun is characterized by its beautiful colorful “Prang” towers covered with Chinese porcelain in intricate patterns.

Erawan NP and the bridge over the River Kwai – near Bangkok

Chatuchak, Thailand’s largest market, is also worth a visit. In this huge space you will find thousands of stalls for really everything from clothes, ceramics, home accessories to food, drinks, art or books. You can relax in the adjacent park. Don’t miss the floating markets, there are several in Bangkok, for example: Taling Chan, Wat Saphan.

Ayutthaya – the capital of Siam

Many young travelers head toward Khaosan Road. A busy street that never sleeps offers many hotels, bars, street food stalls with great food and restaurants. Although nightlife in Bangkok is popular, it is no different from ours. If you are under the age of 21, alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Bangkok is also very rich in museums and galleries. Very popular is the Thai National Museum with an exhibition of Thai history and culture.

Tips to see extra:

  • Autthaya – once the capital of Siam, is today an important archaeological site.
  • Thai massages – not to undergo the famous procedure in Thailand would be a real shame.
  • Kanchanuburi – a large town attracting the surrounding attractions, such as Erewan National Park or the world-famous Kanchanaburi Railway, also known as the “Death Railway” and the bridge over the River Kwai.

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Bangkok – the bustle of the city

Bangkok – Trasnportation

From the airport, you can easily and quickly reach the city from the air-conditioned Skytrain.

Buses are relatively cheap and are divided into classic and express (these are a bit more expensive). Tuk-tuks are an icon in Bangkok, but if you want to be seduced, you need to negotiate the price. When using taxi transport, insist on turning on the taximeter, so the trip will be cheaper for you.

Another possibility are the so-called taxi scooters, where the driver will take you to the desired location very quickly by slipping in an endless traffic jam. Scooter drivers are marked with orange vests. The transport options are different, but sometimes quite complicated, especially due to frequent congestion.
To avoid waiting, we recommend using boat, train and metro.

Try water travel and take a pleasant boat trip along the Chai Phraya River and enjoy views of the Bangkok skyline.

Bangkok – Food and drinks

Thai cuisine is characterized by its spiciness, variety and fresh food from which individual dishes are prepared. There are more than enough options for where you can eat well in the city. You don’t have to go far, because you will find bars, restaurants on almost every corner and the atmosphere of the street food in Bangkok is simply unforgettable. In addition to traditional cuisine, you can also enjoy Thai versions of fast food, Chinese, Indian and Japanese dishes.

The main foods undoubtedly include rice, rice pasta, chicken, but also vegetables and seafood. The basis of almost every dish is soy sauce and the dishes are flavored with various types of chilli, curry, ginger, sesame, turmeric, but also fish sauce.

If you like Thai soups you should order Tom yam, Tom kha gai or Kuatiau nam noodle soup. The national dish is, of course, Pad Thai, rice noodles, prepared in a wok pan, with fresh vegetables, tamarind paste, sprouts, chicken or shrimp (or tofu). You can sprinkle it with peanuts and chili flakes. If you really want something spicy, treat yourself to Khao Kha praeo, chicken with hot vegetables.

Vegetarians can also enjoy meatless dishes such as Khao niau, sticky rice that Thai people dip in various sauces, Khao phat or Khao Tom.

For dessert, you can have Sangkhaya coconut pudding, Mango Sticky Rice, a piece of fresh, fragrant mango with sticky rice and coconut milk, or Thai pancakes with fresh fruit, egg and condensed milk, or honey. You will find fruit juices at every step, which will print the exotic fruits mangosteen, rambutan, longan right in front of you. Do you dare to try durian, known as “stinky” fruit?

You can cool off with Chang, Tiger or Singha beer. As a local alcohol, we recommend Thai rum Sang Som or Hong Tong whiskey.

Did you know that …

… Bangkok is also called the “City of Angels”?

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Bangkok – the bustle of the city

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