Erawan Waterfalls (NP) and River Kwai Bridge

TIP: If you’ve been in Bangkok for too long and would like to experience something other than temples and a lively nightlife with Chang beer in hand, we recommend visiting Erewan National Park and the legendary Bridge on the River Kwai.

Thailand – Erawan Falls NP

This national park is located about 200 km from Bangkok and is famous for its waterfalls. The waterfalls have 7 levels and along the entire length to the last (or the first?) And at the same time the largest waterfall leads an interesting hiking trail through the jungle. In some places the surface is steep and muddy, but families with children can also do it.

Admission is around 300 THB.

You are not allowed to take any plastic bottle to the NP, but it is allowed to swim in the ponds under the waterfalls.

Ayutthaya – the capital of Siam

You can see and meet a large number of animals here. Do you know the little fish that are used for foot pedicures? So in the local waters they live the same, only they are larger than those in the aquariums of salons. They are not dangerous, biting is three more felt. However, if you have a wound on your body, they will focus on it and it already hurts a bit.

Thailand – River Kwai Bridge

Bridge is part of a railway line known as the “Death Railway“, which was built by the Japanese during World War II and used by prisoners of war to build it.
The bridge was made famous by a book and a subsequent film, which popularized this place.

Passenger trains run from Bangkok to Nam Tok.

It is an interesting place that you can combine with a visit to the museum dedicated to the “Death Railway”, the nearby town of Kanchanaburi, or the Wang Po Viaduct.

How to get here

There are two daily trains from Bangkok (Thon Buri Station) to the River Kwai Bridge. One goes at 07:50 in the morning and the other at 13:55. You can return to BKK from Kanchanaburi at 07:19 and 14:48.

Trains are only 3rd class, they are very cheap and travel is an experience. Food and drink (including beer) can be bought on the train.

Anyway, if you plan to catch both destinations, we recommend choosing one of the many agencies (there are many on Khaosan Road). The price is not high, it leaves early in the morning from in front of the hotel with a return in the evening.

Did you know that …

… the famous film “Bridge on the River Kwai” was shot in Sri Lanka? The real bridge is located in Thailand and is still in operation.

… one more interesting: the bridge was originally built over the river Mae Khlung. The author of a popular book was never in Thailand, knowing only that the “Death Railway” ran along the River Kwai, so he assumed that the bridge also ran over the river, and he was wrong to rename the river Kwae Yai (Great Kwai)

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