Southern Sri Lanka: beaches and traditional fishermen

Southern Sri Lanka – What to see

Southern Sri Lanka is one of the most sought after parts of the island. No wonder you will find almost everything the island has to offer. Various sights, beautiful beaches and nature, many bars and restaurants.

One of the most famous beaches is the bustling Mirissa. But the whole coast is lined with many large or smaller beaches, suitable for surfing or just for relaxation. There is also the beach Tangalle, where there are not so many tourists.

Sri Lanka trip – map and information

In this area you have the opportunity to visit and see the hatcheries of sea turtles, which also serve as a rescue station for these marine animals, as locals consider turtle eggs as a delicacy. You have the opportunity to catch small turtles in your hands and if you are lucky, you can take part in releasing these animals into the sea.

If you don’t feel like it, take a boat trip to the open sea to watch dolphins and whales. There are many agencies in the tourist areas that offer these trips.

We must not forget one of the most famous symbols of Sri Lanka, the traditional fishermen on wooden wheels. You can find them in the Weligama and Koggala area. Once a craft that fed fishing on the whole family and inherited from father to son. Today, unfortunately, they are only a tourist attraction.

Discover local culture and tea platations

If you want more and more, go a few kilometers north inland, where you will find lush vegetation and many forgotten temples, or one of the other symbols of Sri Lanka – tea plantations and tea processing factories.

You can admire the sights in Galle, famous for its 16th-century Portuguese fortress. In the city you will find churches, a lighthouse, but also a mosque.

The more distant Yala National Park is definitely worth a visit. There you can experience a genuine jeep safari. Here you can see crocodiles, monitor lizards, elephants, wild boars and monkeys, and with good luck, a leopard.

Southern Sri Lanka – Transportation

The coast in southern Sri Lanka is lined by the main road A2, along which you can easily get to all famous places.
Buses leave bus stations from larger cities, outside these places you just have to nod to the bus or say on the bus that you want to get off. In the bus you will feel like you are at a party, as they play loud local music and the interiors are colorfully decorated or illuminated by lots of lights. This is a cheap form of transport.

For smaller distances, it is advantageous to take Tuk Tuk, it is fast and if you agree on the price in advance, it is also advantageous and cheap. At the same time, driving tuk tuk is also an experience.

There are also a lot of vans traveling on the roads, it is not a problem to agree with the drivers to take you somewhere, or drive you for several days to various attractions and at the same time always wait for you on the spot.

As this part of Sri Lanka is very popular with tourists, it is not a problem to rent a motorbike or scooter. Some rental shops also offer off-road enduro. The price ranged from about 4 EUR – 7 EUR in 24 hours. Just jump in and explore the jungles and beaches of Sri Lanka. But don’t forget, you drive on the left in Sri Lanka!

The main road never sleeps, so when you stay on the main road, get ready for the relentless traffic of trumpet buses, trucks, motorcycles and grease. And it blows a lot of sound.

Southern Sri Lanka – Food and Drinks

South Sri Lanka is dominated by fresh seafood. Every afternoon, fishermen come with their catch and land fresh fish in local restaurants. Just when you leave the beach, you choose which of the catch you ask for for dinner. Than you agree on the method of preparation and the time when they are to serve it to you and you can go your own way. You will return to the agreed time, where a reserved table is already waiting for you and you can go for it.

As a bonus, there is no problem with serving beer and other alcoholic beverages in restaurants in this area. So you can enjoy your dinner with chilled Lion beer.

You can also enjoy a beer on a sun lounger on the beach. Most bars that offer sun loungers and beach seating work in a way that you can use their service for drinks you order from them.

There are also plenty of so-called “Wine Stores” in the area, where you can buy your own supplies (it is best to use Tuk Tuk to visit the wine store).

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