Marrakesh – What to see

The first steps almost always lead to Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, the busiest square in Marrakesh. During the day you will find a number of street vendors of fresh fruit and snake charmers, and in the evening I turn into an incredible gastronomic festival that you can’t miss.

From the square you can see the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, which is the largest in the city.

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A walk in the narrow streets of the Medina is pleasant throughout the day. In the narrow streets you will find shade even at the time of the afternoon sun, many merchants sell goods from the invention of the world and you can diversify your walk with a delicious Moroccan mint tea in a cafe.

Marrakesh – Transportation

Buses run around the city, but taxis are a cheap and quick alternative. Many taxi drivers refuse to use a taximeter, so it is very important to agree on the price for the ride in advance. There is no need to worry about negotiating and insisting on a price that is acceptable to you. As soon as one refuses, in a moment there will be another taxi driver with you, which you will definitely agree with.

It is possible that another passenger will approach you while driving if there is free space in the car. It is common for the whole car to be occupied in this way, and you can approach strangers in the same way if you stop a taxi on the road.

Marrakesh – Food and drinks

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of different flavors and predominantly spicy dishes.
Almost everywhere you will find Tajina, which is based on Moroccan couscous, meat (lamb, beef or chicken) and various vegetables. The whole thing is cooked in a clay pot of the same shape of the same name.

The most popular drink is green tea with mint.

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